Meratti Collection 2017

We represent to you a new collection of 2017 year. New colors and optimal configuration for your bright rides!

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Meratti Technologies

We use only proven technologies, that were tested in many hard races and conditions. Each technology is making our bicycles faster, comfortable or more durable.

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Meratti Forza Tre 2017

Our best minds in one Meratti bike. Forza Tre 2017 combines all the best in Forza series. Your bright and agile companion

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We in­spire with only com­fort and bet­ter ra­cing per­fo­mance. Every time you com­pete - we are com­pet­ing with you, side by side, to­geth­er, in your bike.


All our techo­lo­gies has the pur­pose to make bi­cycle faster, safer, dur­able. We use only the tech­no­lo­gies that passed many tests in labs and real races.

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Meratti for kids

Ride fast, truly and safe - that the main prin­ciples we want to teach young riders. And we're giv­ing them the ex­cel­lent bikes for that.

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Please re­gister your frame num­ber to get the en­chanced war­ranty




XC Ergo Frame

The frame geometry optimal for Cross-country races.

As the result of many races and tests become the optimal Meratti frame geometry. It is ideal as for long trips so for intensive cross-country races. The frame is designed to reduce the energy consumption during the trip and provide the greater comfort

XC Femme Frame

The frame geometry optimal for female riders.

Optimal female frame geometry, looking to women body features and woman way of riding. Perfect for women's pleasure trips and moderate intense cross-country riding. The frame is designed to ensure the good comfort when riding.

Ultra Durable Stays

Special form stays, more durable and rigid.

The special shape of the stays adds strength and elasticity. The stays gives more efficient transfer of energy from the pedals to the wheel.

Frame Safety Joint

Additional rear derailleur hanger mounted on frame.

Split rear derailleur hanger of a special alloy, will keep the dropout and frame untapped in case of shock and damage of the rear derailleur.

3D Dropout

Complex form dropout, for additional vibration absorbing.

Complex three-dimensional form of rear dropout, designed to dampen vibrations from the wheels. More efficient and less weighting than the usual ones.

Energy Saving Top Tube

Bow-type top tube, maximize riders effort on wheels.

The special shape of the top tube saves even more energy of rider during the long trip, due to the fact that the efforts of the pedals is transmitted more resilient and efficient. Additionally this form of tube gives an extra vibration comfort when traveling over rough terrain.

Inforced Head Tube

Sandglass enchanced head tube, more durable and rigid.

Sandglass shape strengthened headtube. Designed to withstand the extra effort to the steering and makes possible using the bike in more severe conditions

Inforced Critical Joints

Additional strengthening on frame critical joints.

Additional strengthening of the critical joints. Makes the frame more rigid and durable. This make sure the frame ready for any competition in cross-country

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