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Our site uses cook­ies (small text files that the serv­er can be down­loaded to the hard drive of your com­puter), to which we can ac­cess in or­der to re­mem­ber Your pref­er­en­ces and to provide You with per­son­al­ized ser­vice. Cook­ies al­low us to ob­tain in­form­a­tion about the habits of our users dur­ing nav­ig­a­tion, as well as help to identi­fy pos­sible prob­lems.

We use 2 types of cook­ies:

  • Ana­lyt­ic­al cook­ies
    We use Google Ana­lyt­ics cook­ies to cal­cu­late the num­ber of users who vis­it the Web­site. These cook­ies make it pos­sible to meas­ure and ana­lyse the way in which users browse the Web­site. This in­form­a­tion al­lows us to con­tinu­ally im­prove our ser­vices. For more in­form­a­tion, con­sult the Google Ana­lyt­ics pri­vacy page:  ht­tps://de­ve­­lyt­ics/devguides/col­lec­tion/ana­lyt­ic­sjs/cook­ie-us­age
  • Pref­er­en­ce cook­ies​
    Whenev­er users are brows­ing the Web­site, the site will re­mem­ber their pref­er­en­ces (for ex­ample, their loc­a­tion or pre­ferred lan­guage). Thanks to these cook­ies, we are able to of­fer users a simple, more con­veni­ent and per­son­al­ised brows­ing ex­per­i­en­ce.
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