Ex­ten­ded frame war­ranty

Dear cus­tom­er, we con­grat­u­late you with the own­ing the great bike Mer­atti.

We of­fer you to re­gister your bike, thus will ex­tend the war­ranty peri­od for the frame of your bike.

Stand­ard war­ranty on the Mer­atti frame is 5 years. With the re­gistered bike, you’ll get the 10 years war­ranty on the frame.

In or­der to re­gister a bike, you need to fill in the fol­low­ing re­gis­tra­tion form.

Congratulations! You have successfully registered your Meratti bike. We wish you a great ride and fun with your bike!
Frame number, it is situated on bottom of the bracket tube.
Your frame / e-mail is registered

Check the re­gis­tra­tion

To check, type the frame num­ber or email.

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